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Content is key to any effective web strategy. Our writers will create perfectly written english articles for your blog or website and post them at the optimum times.

500 Word Article - $50

1000 Word Article -$100

Customized Package

After you purchase content from The Real Social Company we will contact you.  Articles can be on any subject you like and take about 7 days to create.  Any number of articles can be purchased and we make sure we keyword them or link them to your website for maximum SEO impact. 

Why Buy Articles?

The Real Social understands that many people do not have the time nor interest in writing long form content for their blog, social channel or website.  That is why we write them for you.  It is best to write content that relates to your website in order to get the maximum SEO boost that you can. We will  KEYWORD and LINK within the article to help this process along.  

We suggest for standard small and medium businesses to publish 1 article a week to get the best results for your web ranking and user engagement.  Users like consistency and like to read articles that engage them and give them information on your particular niche or business.

We will write the articles and you have the ability to ask for 1 revision per article.  Once it is approved you can publish it to your site or we can do it for you.  It is best to BLAST the article, for instance,  every Monday post a new article, send out a mass email with a link to the article, and post to all your social channels with a link to the article.  This gets maximum coverage and link juice for the article and drives people to your website.  Users also begin to look for your content on your scheduled publishing day/time.

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