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People spend much more time on websites that have active content.  They like reading informative articles about your business or in the subjects related to your business.

In addition adding a blog to your website can help increase your Google & Bing search ranking exponentially. Google ranks websites that are active with content and have visitors engaging with that content higher up on search.  Having an active and engaging blog not only increases your SEO rank, it is critical to moving to page one on any search engine.

What We Do

Writing blogs is one of the most important steps to building customer trust, explaining your product or service base, and getting people to read and engage with your website. We write blogs to keep your website content fresh and engaging.

Why Write Blogs

Blogging or news article writing allows your website to have content created and delivered consistently.  Consistent blogging helps Google & Bing determine that your site is active and being used by people, thus increasing your search ranking.

So Simple

The basic blogging plan is 4 articles per month.  We take 4 subjects you choose, or we suggest subjects. We create 4 - 1000 word blogs and let you approve them or make changes. We then publish them on your website in a consistent time.

Columbus Blog, News, And Content Creation
It is hard to commit to blogging, or if you are small staffed, actually have the time to create blogs. Unfortunately consistent blogging is critical to your websites search ranking and to help build customer trust.  You want content customers can learn about your products and services and build knowledge that helps them decide to choose your products or services.  Blogs help make you a SME (subject matter expert) in your industry.

Good blogging creates good engagement. If your blogs are about your products or services, customers can read about them and this helps build trust in their purchases.  Blogs also impact significantly your Google or Bing search engine ranking.  Each time you post a blog it allows search engines to grow your keyword base, knowledge base and lets the search engine know your site is being visited by people who want to read your content.

Each month we create blogs, news articles, or information articles based on subjects you send us, subjects we suggest, or articles on your product base.  Each of these takes about 7 days to create and will be 1000 words.  Each blog will be keyworded and reference your website or services.  You can approve the blogs or have us do a revision.  Once approved we will publish them on your website platform or you can!

We suggest a 4 blog per month plan for the best impact to your customers and search.

The Real Social Company in Columbus offers $500 Monthly Blogging
4 - 1000 Word Blogs Per Month
Keyworded and SEO for Impact
Call To Actions and Links In Each Blog
Posting To Your Website
All Articles Can Be Approved By You Before Posting

Single Blog Articles are $150 Per Blog.

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Complete Packages To Drive Your Brand

Most people think email is dead, but that is totally wrong. We still see impressive email open and sales rates with every email we send.  Email doesn't have to be a chore with our email marketing program. We do more than send emails to your clients —we develop comprehensive and unique strategies for making emails stand out in today's busy inbox. 

Tie together all your campaigns
With your business you should be doing comprehensive campaigns that touch on every aspect of your digital footprint in Columbus.  Each week you should be posting a blog, scheduling social media posts, sending emails, updating your website, reaching out to influencers and touching base with your customers. The Real Social Company can help with all of these.  Just Contact Us.

Did you know that sending emails, posting blogs, scheduling social media posts ALL IMPACT YOUR SEO?

Contact The Real Social Company today and let us know your goals. We are here to do the heavy lifting for you.

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