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Email Marketing Is Tried And True

Columbus email marketing helps to drive business sales and Nurture Leads with segmented and targeting messages.

Email marketing is one of the eldest forms of marketing on the internet.  While it has seen declines over the past few years with social marketing taking the lead, it is still one of the best targeted methods for reaching your customers.

What We Do

We create email campaigns for your business. Helping you reach customers with top quality emails that are engaging and lead generating. Each email comes with full reporting and A/B testing.

What We Support

Constant Contact is our primary tool for creating emails but we frequently work with MailChimp, MailJet, Kajabi, and many other platforms that support the creation and sending of email, even internal company systems.

How It Works

The basic plan comes with 4 emails per month. We send them on the best day possible based on your analytics.  Each email will contain your messaging and be visually compelling and engaging. 

Columbus Email Marketing & Management
Tired of struggling to create emails every month?  Tired of slow or little response to your emails?  The Real Social Company can manage your email platform for you.  With the basic package we create 4 emails a month to send out at the best times possible based on analytics and reporting.  These emails are visually engaging and compel your customers to click on your links. At the end of each email campaign (each email sent) we deliver a report to you and use that report to drive the next email and improve its quality (A/B testing).

A sample scenario - We create your email using the content you send us or ideas that you have.  These are created on a Sunday for sending the following week.  Once the email is created we send you a test email.  You can have us make changes to that email visually or in the text.  Once you approve it we schedule your email send.  After sending is complete we go over all the results with you to help drive the next email.

In the background we also offer full email list management. We can remove old customers, add new ones, resend to people who didn't open, and segment the emails into marketing funnels.  All of this is included with our basic pacakge.

The Real Social Company in Columbus offers $100 Email Marketing & Management.  
4 Emails Per Month
Full List Management
Full Segmentation & Marketing Management
Full Reporting
All email marketing packages require a 6 month simple contract.

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How Can You Use Email Marketing In Columbus?

Email Marketing Strategy
Welcome New Client Campaigns
Automate Birthday & Other Messages
Segment Your Lists To Target Audiences
Drip Campaigns To Send Dated Emails Over Time
Promotional E-Blasts For New Products Or Services
Monthly Newsletters
Editorial Calendars To Push Products
A/B Email Design and Development
Customer Lifespan Analytics
Analytics and Reporting
New User Subscribes From Website
Timed Email Scheduling For Best Results
Resends To Non-Openers

Complete Packages To Drive Your Brand

Most people think email is dead, but that is totally wrong. We still see impressive email open and sales rates with every email we send.  Email doesn't have to be a chore with our email marketing program. We do more than send emails to your clients —we develop comprehensive and unique strategies for making emails stand out in today's busy inbox. 

Tie together all your campaigns
With email marketing you should be doing comprehensive campaigns that touch on every aspect of your digital footprint in Columbus.  Each week you should be posting a blog, scheduling social media posts, sending emails, updating your website, reaching out to influencers and touching base with your customers. The Real Social Company can help with all of these.  Just Contact Us.

Did you know that sending emails, posting blogs, scheduling social media posts ALL IMPACT YOUR SEO?

Contact The Real Social Company today and let us know your goals. We are here to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Develop Effective Columbus Based Email Marketing

“The fundamental principle behind email marketing will never change. Send the right message, to the right person at the right time. No brand marketer sets out to send an unwanted email. The difficulty is; to know what the right message is, for whom and when."

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