Columbus Influencer Campaigns

Get your products and services noticed on social media by having vetted influencers speak and tag your business.

Vetted Influencers

Only the best Columbus based influencers to market your brand. Outstanding performance, large influencer recognition, and vetted quality.  We will work deals with them for you, making sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Flexibility and Results

Influencers provide a brand new way to market your products by giving you almost instant wide brand visibility and recognition. We will work with you and help come up with the best influencer package in Columbus.

The Real Social Company 
We try and work with local Columbus influencers to bring an added bang to your advertising buck. Each influencer is independent of The Real Social Company but we work with them by permission.  We will work with your business and approach influencers to come up with an effective marketing plan for your products or services.

The influencers we work with can come to your business, sample your products, take pictures and videos. These then will go out on an influencers story or feed to reach their followers.  Prices are based on longevity of a post, the amount of posts, story or feed, number of tags, and types of hashtags.  

Deals can include any number of things from ongoing campaigns with multiple visits or just a single visit.

Prices vary by what is needed. Contact us to talk about your needs.  We will work the best deal possible for your brand.

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Spreading goodwill through random acts of kindness. Great posts about Central Ohio acts of giving and kindness.


The best of Columbus living. From activities, events, eating, and just about everything else involved in the great city of Columbus.


TwoGirlsOneCbus focuses only a little bit of everything in Columbus. Great for aesthetic services, food, and fun Columbus activities.


Eating and drinking in the local Columbus area. Thriving blog presence and excellent for fun exciting products and activities.


Columbus 614gal is a world traveler and Columbus Explorer. Mental health and social justice advocate and loves dogs.

614 Mom is just spending time raising her kids. Mental health advocate, wife, mother and business owner.


Columbus Living is an influencer and has an active blog presence. All things related to living in Columbus, Ohio.


Influencer 614eats showcases the best food from around the 614 Columbus, Ohio area.

Want to be part of The Real Social Company family of influencers?  We will happily list you on this page if you are a working influencer taking clients.  
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