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How To Post On Facebook For Business

One common thing about posting on Facebook social media is that it is time consuming.  Knowing all the Facebook social media rules, understanding Facebook's social media algorithm, and making sure you are including all the elements of an effective Facebook social media post is difficult. As the Facebook social media feed grows with content means that getting engagement on Facebook social media becomes harder and harder.  As you know Facebook social media is the way customers find your business, find information about your products and services, find your website or where you are located.  So having effective Facebook social media posts is critical for your sales, for your customers, and for your organic social media growth. The Real Social company has put together our top tips on how we do social media management on Facebook so that you can understand the right way to do it.

Today we want to present 22 Facebook social media posting tips from our social media managers that any page manager can implement on their Facebook Page. These tips work great in our daily social media management and can benefit you as well.

Some of the top problems we solve at The Real Social Company in social media management are.

Businesses do not know what to post.
Businesses do not know how to find engaging content or create engaging content.
Businesses do not know how to automate or schedule social media posts.
Businesses do not know how to read the analytics and insights (reporting) that Facebook social media provides.

Reading this will hopefully help you along the way with your social media management.

Engaging With Customers On Facebook Should Be Like Engaging With Friends

“In sales I found not just a job but a culture. Franklin, Emerson, Carnegie, and Bettger were our philosophers. And thanks to the genius of Carnegie’s theory of human relations, many customers also became friends.” - Ted Boynton - Barcelona

Our Top Facebook Social Media Management Posting Tips

1 - Make Sure You Are Capturing Customers With Storytelling.
People like to tell stories and people remember stories. Stories work because they are personal and your followers of your Facebook social media page will most likely have a similar story or situation they can relate to a post. Telling this story allows posts to connect on a personal level in a way that a generic post will not. Always be sure to include posts about what your business is doing, it is the LIFE of the business that people can connect to. For instance, we do this by understanding that posting on social media and social media management is difficult and time consuming, so we tell our stories about social media posting and our social media posting troubles in our posts.

Telling A Story With A Post

2 - Make Sure You Are Posting At The Right Time.
Everyone visits Facebook social media at different times. Everyone reads their Facebook feed at different times. Posting at the right time can mean the difference between a lot of people seeing and engaging with your post, or nobody seeing and engaging with your post. We looked at average times and general statistics and found that most people use Facebook at generally average times. The best times to post (when most users are on Facebook) is.

12pm (Noon)
3pm (Afternoon)
7pm (Evening)

These are the times we use when we are starting social media management campaign for a NEW client, one that doesn't have any Facebook insights to look at and determine the actual times their users are online.  These are the general times MOST people are on Facebook. This all varies though based on your industry and demographic. We typically don't know the optimal time to post for your Facebook fans until we can look at insights to determine when your users are online.  After 30 days of posting we can also look at our PostieBot social media calendar and scheduler to give us proper insights as to when most of your users are visiting your feed.


3 - Try Experimenting With Posting Times
We always try new things. It is important to not just rely on the general statistics. Testing is critical so we try posting at different times of the day and night because we might find a nice posting time niche for your business. Maybe a great time is 3am, who knows unless we test.

4 - Post On Important Topics And Trending Topics That Relate To Your Customers
This one seems simple but it can be quite difficult. Customers are on your feed or following a business because they want to know about it, learn more information or understand and learn about products and services.  Have something new in stock?  Post about it, give detailed information about it. Where it came from, how it is made, what it is made from, when you are getting it in, where it is in the shop. Things like this.  

You can also use industry news. Every industry has news about what is happening, find that information by searching Google, Bing or industry websites and deliver this news in Facebook posts to your customers.  If you are using our PostieBot tool, we have a full social media calendar with national holidays, topic related days (National Birthday Cake Day) and quotes and inspirations that relate to all kinds of businesses.

5 - People Love Behind The Scenes
People love seeing things behind the scenes at a business. Take some pics or even better short videos of what you and your staff are doing.  Having a business party, post pics of that. Unpacking or re-stocking product? Post on Facebook about that.  Maybe an update about a change in the business.  These type of Facebook posts to do wonders for engagement and transparency.

6 - Selfies, Selfies, Selfies
A great way to engage with users is with selfies. People love to get to know you. By knowing you they feel they are getting to know your business.  The days of the stoic, unknown company are over, people want to know who they are buying from. They want to know who the new employees are, and they want to engage with you and feel like they are part of your business. These make excellent Facebook posts.


7 - Post MEME's And Viral Content
Everyone loves MEME's. Everyone loves laughing and likes to look at viral content that makes them laugh. Find current funny content and repost it on your Facebook social media feed.  If you don't know what viral content is or what MEME's are, then do a Google search and you will find plenty, many are probably related to your industry and are public and able to be re-posted. 

8 - Post Inspirational Quotes 
Inspiring quotes and tips are understood by just about everyone.  People love words of wisdom and inspiring topics. Often people like to re-post these (share them) to their own Facebook social media feeds which gives you a huge boost in engagement. Maybe you have some bits of wisdom to pass on yourself about your industry or product?  Your customers would love this.

9 - What Is Happening Today
Have something going on?  Are all your employees happy?  Is it a 'case of the Monday's?'  Let your Facebook social media feed know about it.  This is another great attempt to personal and engage with your audience. Everyone has had good and bad days, everyone has events and things they have to do.  Let your customers know about yours!


10 - Engage Facebook Followers With Business Decisions
All of your customers follow you because they like your business or service and want to know more.  They also are your primary source of revenue so ask them about decisions you want to make.  Thinking of changing hours? Ask your Facebook social media feed. Trying to decide on new lines to carry, new services to offer? Ask your customers about it. Engage them by asking them to comment on what you trying to figure out, it can provide invaluable insight.

11 - Polls, Fill In The Blanks
Facebook social media has people on it that want to be engaged, they are usually looking for information, are at work, or sitting around bored look at Facebook.  Engage them by using the Facebook POLL feature. Make a short poll related to your business, it can be a fun poll, an informative poll, or anything else.  Another great post tactic to get people to engage is to do a fill in the blank. People love talking about themselves, if you have a food business try 'My favorite food is _________'.  If you have a clothing business try 'My favorite brand of shirt is _________". You get the idea.

12 - Use Original Image Content
Original and new image content goes a long way to personalize your brand. Nobody likes stock images or posts. We all have camera's these days so use them in your business to take original photos and use these in posts. In our PostieBot posting tool you can upload images and customize into Facebook social media posts. Another aspect to this is, never download images from Google Image Search. Most of these are copyrighted to other people or businesses and should not be put on your website. You could face legal challenges from stealing content.


13 - Experiment With Post Frequency
Businesses always wonder how often they should post.  We at The Real Social Company have performed social media management for 1000's of clients and think that the norm is at least 1 post per day at the optimum time. Try changing this up, maybe try 2 or 3 posts a day and see what the response is.  Some of our clients post multiple times a day, varying the post types with many of the ideas we have here.  Try doing 1 static image post, and 1 video story or post and see what response you get.

14 - Brand Consistency
It is a good idea to have brand consistency across all your posts.  Try inserting your logo on all your posts with a tool like Photoshop or Canva. If you have a graphic designer they can do this as well.  We do this for all of our client posts. We want people to recognize the brand immediately and relate it back to your Facebook social media feed.  It is also a good idea to make your profile page picture your business logo so it expands your recognition.

15 - Always Use The Keys To A Good Post
All Facebook social media posts should have the following elements.
- Good text description in text area that includes what you are talking about.
- 3 to 6 #hashtags that relate to your product or business
- A call to action in the text.  Call Now!  Visit Our Webpage!  Comment On This Post!, Etc.
- A Great non-stock impactful and engaging image.
- Your contact information or website in the description or image.  We suggest putting the website URL it in the text area because it can provide great 'social signals'.

16 - Product & Service Use
All the products you have as a business or all the services you provide have the potential to be great posts. We often have clients with services have a 'walk through' post explaining how a service works and how it can help a client.  With products, post pictures on Facebook social media of people actually using the products, wearing the clothes, eating the food etc.  

17 - Make Videos
This is a short one, MAKE VIDEO CONTENT. It could be a short video about what you are doing that day.  An announcement of a sale or change in business. Someone wearing your clothes or eating your food.  Someone going over a contract. All of these items can be video content, and video content can get more than 500% more engagement than static image content. (That is why Facebook Stories is so popular.)


These are some of the basic templates we use at The Real Social Company when helping businesses come up with a social media calendar.  Each type of post words excellent on Facebook social media, and you can search the Internet for even more post types and ideas.  If you need help scheduling your posts, think about PostieBot, it allows posting to Facebook social media and 6 other platforms simultaneously.  PostieBot also has over 10k built in templates that are ready to modify and use with your business, and it has a built in social calendar with events and dates that are great to post.

Don't forget - We are experts at Social Media Management and will gladly help you organize a social calendar, create impactful posts, and schedule then report on all of them.  The Real Social Company is your Social Media Management Company, prices start at $100 per month for Facebook & Instagram social media management and you can add more social media channels for $50 per month for 1 post per day to each platform


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