Shopify Website Help

Shopify is the #1 web store building platform for small business, but it can be troublesome to maintain and fix. We offer affordable solutions to building out or fixing your Shopify webstore.

Shopify Troubles?

We are the #1 agency in Columbus that fixes Shopify webstores. We have fixed them all over the United States.  We have been working with Shopify for 10+ years and we understand the unique issues Shopify has.  Best of all we are far more affordable than suggested Shopify technicians.  Show us a quote, and we can beat it.

Need Help With Shopify?

Stop wasting hours trying to fix Shopify yourself.

We offer 1-hour blocks of time to help with your Shopify webstore. We will schedule a call and screen share over Zoom to check your Shopify website and manage your to-do list. Once we have a good idea of what you need we will give you an estimate of the total cost for the repair or build.

How We Help
Save hours of frustration.
Discuss strategies for improving your site.
Discuss website strategy and future planning.
Add new pages.
Add new pictures.
Increase your Shopify speed.
Install and configure Shopify plugins.
Fully redo your Shopify site.
Update old content.
Help with blog creation or maintenance.
Answer any questions about Shopify templates.
Audit your website for usability.
Direct your new domain to Shopify.
Mange URL redirects for SEO.
Offer web design best practices.
Perform SEO on Shopify.
Help adding products.
Best practices for SEO and Product SEO.
And anything else you might need!

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