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We are the EXPERTS in social media marketing in Columbus.

Effective Social Media Marketing

The Real Social Company's are a skilled team of social media and web professionals with over 30+ industry standard certifications to back them up.  They have been working hard on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and WEB DESIGN since 2002 and have always been at the forefront of social media marketing.  Small and medium businesses from around Columbus and the United States (even a couple from Europe) have always looked to us for social media marketing.  Every business wants to succeed at social media, and we have a professional and expert staff that works in eCommerce, Writing, Social Media Marketing and traditional advertising to make your marketing campaign a success.  The key with all marketing is ANALYTICS, and we use analytics to make your social media marketing campaign a complete success.  If you want Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, Pinterest advertising, SnapChat advertising, TikTok advertising and many others, we can make your social marketing campaign successful.  We want to hear from you and help you create engaging, impactful, and graphically brand relevant social marketing campaigns that meet your need.

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Social Marketing

Why Choose The Real Social Company?

Social Media Marketing Since 2002 
Over 30 + Social Media Industry Certifications
Google - Bing Professional Search Certifications
In Business Since 2002 Building Digital Campaigns
Constantly Updating Social Marketing Techniques
Personalized Social Marketing Campaigns
Excellent Honest Social Media Marketing Service
Full Optimization Of Your Social Media Channels
Generated Ten of Thousands Of Follower Growth
Translating Into Millions Of Dollars In Revenue
Facebook Premier Partners In Advertising
Experienced Aggressive And Youthful Staff
Adherents To Industry Social Marketing Practices
We Just Plain Get The Job Done In Plain English

Social Media Marketing Local To Columbus

Want a company that is local to you in Columbus?  We are right in the heart of Clintonville.  We can come to your office (wearing masks of course) or schedule Zoom call, phone call, or work in text if you like and come up with your social media marketing goals.  Campaigns always begin with an in-depth analysis of what you have done in the past, what your pricing and services are, and who you competition is.  Then we can launch a social media marketing campaign that hits the right social channels and is effective and engaging for your customer base.

Drive Business Growth, Sales, and Leads

Columbus based social media marketing plans designed to GROW you business on social media and drive sales and leads.  Social Media growth is important because it gives you the ability to advertise on social media for FREE because customers already follow you. Sales are obviously important because it is what keeps you in business.  Leads are important because they lead to new sales.  All of you social media marketing campaigns are designed for ALL THREE. Have us develop an effective social media marketing campaign for you, right in the heart of Columbus, where your customers are.

Relevant & Analytically Driven Social Media Marketing Reporting

Social Media Marketing Reporting

Why Social Media Marketing Analytics Works? – For each social media marketing campaign, each client is given a report after every ad campaign.  For more in-depth campaigns we can give daily and even hourly social marketing reporting to help drive your goals and sales.  Social Media Marketing Analytics works because it is critical to driving your campaigns.  If something isn't working properly, like you are not getting sales or conversions, we want you to know about it right away so we can work with you to drive those sales and social media marketing goals.

The Real Social Company schedules phone calls or Zoom meetings at the end of each social media marketing campaign to go over the results and give you full transparent access to your ad spend and how the customers are reacting to your ads. Nothing is worse than running a campaign and not achieving the results you desire.  Our team of social media experts work tirelessly to drive your ads for maximum impact.  Our motto is 'If you do well, we do well!"

Social Marketing Steps

Get To Know Your Brand

The first step in any campaign is getting to know you and getting to know your brand.  We spend time during our meetings or visit to help determine effective social media marketing goals and what your brand voice is all about.

Social Marketing Channels

The second step in any campaign is determining what social media marketing channels are right for your business. Maybe it's Facebook, maybe it's Instagram or maybe its video content, blogs or static ads.

Launch & Reporting

Once we have a strategy, we build all your ads and LAUNCH them onto social media.  We watch them as they reach out to customers and optimize them if they are not performing.  This is all followed up with ad reporting.

Social Marketing Mistakes

Social Content

Having bad content can be a killer for any social media marketing campaign. You need quality content.

Social Analytics

Having a novice run your social marketing campaign without using analytics can waste lots of your budget.


One mistake in any marketing campaign is lack of consistency. Marketing should be scheduled, engaging, & impactful.

Cliche' Social

Social Marketing is EXCITING. Avoid companies with cliche' ideas or ideas based on old marketing tactics.

Your social media marketing content should be excellent quality, driven by testing and reporting, have consistent posting that is scheduled properly, and you should avoid cliche' imagery or ideas about what your brand represents.  The Real Social Company was born on social media and understands the need for impactful campaigns that lack the cliche's for your business or tactics familiar to old style marketing firms.

Poor quality social media marketing and organic social media posting content is death to any brand.   Avoid using stock images, avoid using stock video content, avoid being cliche'.  Social media users are savvy, youthful, and love engaging content.  Social media users look for excellent imagery, funny and compelling videos, excellently written articles that inform and teach, and content they WANT to share.  Effective social media marketing campaigns and social media posts are engaging, tell a story, and drive revenue and sales.  The best part about social media is you do not need a giant advertising firm to achieve your goals, social media marketing can be effective with a small personal team that SAVES YOU MONEY!

Social Marketing Success

Dining For Women

Dining For Women is a nationwide non-profit with goals to educate and empower young women in developing countries. We developed a two year long social media marketing campaign to increase their user base and engage new women to organize and create new chapters.  We worked with them to successfully drive nationwide campaigns in many states to increase their group base.  Social media accounts grew by over 100% since the start of the campaign. Campaigns were focused on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

Jiva Med Spa (Formerly Grandview Aesthetics)

Jiva Med Spa is a chain of medical aesthetic spa's.  We working with them as Grandview Aesthetics and helped drive social marketing campaigns in Dayton and Columbus.  The Real Social Company helped build their social media presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, Yelp, Waze and YouTube. Our social media marketing campaigns grew their customer base by over 150% over the course of 1.5 years. This lead to 60% increase in revenue by new customers over the same time.

Tom Viola

With the crash of the pandemic, many businesses were left at a virtual stand still. Thomas Viola, public speaker was one of them.  The Real Social Company successfully built and entire LMS system consisting of 20+ online courses.  We used extensive social media marketing campaigns to build these courses and grow his business, even during the downturn. A combined campaign of Facebook social media marketing, Constant Contact email marketing, and effective and engaging web design helped Thomas grow and survive the pandemic. Growth was from 0 to 50 course registrations per month and business to business outreach for staff training.

Uniform Retailers Association

URA is a professional trade organization that started right in Zanesville, Ohio.  With a nationwide membership URA has been around for 12 years and initially shied away from social media.  The Real Social Company helped bring all their social profiles online, optimized their website, and streamlined their membership services online. This combined with social media marketing campaigns and social growth campaigns have grown their member by 30%, even during the Pandemic.  We also helped with member training on social media marketing and provided long-form website content and video creation to engage and maximize their reach.

You Don't Have To Be A Large Business To Take Advantage Of Social Media Marketing.

In addition to the above clients, The Real Social Company has helped hundreds of businesses a year to grow their customer base, increase sales, and build a strong online presence.  All with effective and engaging social media marketing techniques.  From budgets as low as $100 for an ad, we did not tell these customers NO.  We will help any size business optimize and grow their social media marketing sales and income.  Just a mom and pop, call us.  Have 50 employees, call us. Have a multi-year long term marketing budget, call us!

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