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Boost your engagement with VIDEOS! Video content gets over 500% more engagement typically than static photos.

Why Use Videos

Have The Real Social Company Create Videos For You
According to a recent study, 83% of consumers would consider sharing video content with their feed and friends if it is specific to their relevant interests. This is why many businesses are adding videos to their websites and social media feeds. However, it can be challenging to deliver relevant content due to the cost of creating quality custom videos.

At The Real Social Company we work to make video content affordable and accessible to the average business without all the overhead and fees typically associated with it.  Our video packages start at $100 for the first two hours of filming and bill at $100 per hour after that.  99% of the content we create is done in the first timeframe.  Included in this package is us coming out to film for you, video editing, and posting advice.  We can even post it for you if you sign up for one of our social media management packages.

Videos For Social & Web

$100 Gets you 2 hours of video work. We come out to film with a simple light and camera rig. We can film as many videos as possible in that time frame. We come back to the office to edit them and include your logo and any other information you request.  Then we deliver it to you for posting.  2 Revisions available for each video.

Build Engagement 

Social media and web users love video content. Think about everyone walking around looking at their phones watching videos. Videos are informative and give the watcher a transparency with your business and help them get to know you better.  Videos don't have to be complex or over thought. Simple fun videos deliver the best message.

Affordable & Flexible

Don't pay thousands for video content these days. It doesn't have to be overly expensive or in-depth.  Social and web users love simple and easy to understand content that impacts them directly. When you work with us, we help you create easy and direct videos that reach your audience with the message you want to send.

How Our Social And Web Video Package Works

When you book with us we setup a time that works for you.  We schedule the first 2 hours or more if we think we need it. On that day have everyone ready to shoot, looking good, and have the content you want to video ready in a list.  In 2 hours we have filmed as many as 10 short videos that you can use on a website or social media.  Once booked we send you an invoice, once paid your appointment is confirmed and set.

What we bring:
You don't have to clear the office for video work. We come with a simple lighting and sound rig and do all filming with an I-Phone. Steady cams, tripods, and gimbals come with us as well.  We send one or two people to your office and then help you setup a list of the content you want to create.

Safety and Privacy:

Each person other than yourself who will be in the video must sign a release expressing consent to appear in the video and be published on social media or your website.  We ask that during COVID everyone mask up and use hand sanitizer while we are in the office.  You can remove your mask if you want while we film, we will be 6ft away.

Video Editing:

Once we get everything filmed we head back to the office and insert your opening sequence, water-mark the video if you like, and put your business information on the clip.  Once you approve the clips (2 revisions per video) we send them to you via ONEDRIVE or DROPBOX and you can publish them.


We can give you tips on posting your videos or we can apply an additional fee to post them for you.

To book an entire day shoot is $600
If you have videos you just want edited the pricing is the same.

What To Shoot?
Customer testimonials - About A Product - You Explaining Your Service - A Simple Commercial For Your Business - Something fun to post on social media  - Anything really!

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