Waze Advertising

Waze advertising reaches customers while they are near your business or looking for similar services.

Start On Waze For Just $150 Per Month

Imagine your clients getting a notification and popup when they are near your business or when they search for one of your competitors. Waze advertising offers the ability to do this. Geo-Located advertising is booming and the rates for advertising on Waze are very competitive. Full ad-spots, managed and with monthly reporting.

Geo-Location Based Advertising - Social Media Advertising - Social Media Geo-Location

Affordable & Effective Waze Results

Advertise on Waze and get people driving to your business. Start today! Get the word out about your business by advertising on the Waze map. Show Ads Locally. Location-Based Marketing. Your Digital Billboard. Setup in Minutes. Pay Only for Ad Activity.!

Waze is one of the best kept secrets in social media advertising, it is effective and affordable and a great add-on to your social marketing advertising budget.  Get excellent reports that show you how your ads are performing and how many people found you on the application.  Advertise on Waze today.

3 Effective Types Of Ads

1. Promoted Search - When a person begins searching for a destination, the advertisers can choose to pay for placements within Waze’s search dashboard. This is the simplest type of Waze ad.
2. Zero Speed Takeover - When you stop your car and are at 0mph (detected by your phone), Waze lets advertisers show prominent ads that take up a larger portion of the phone screen. 
3. Branded Pins - This type of ad is quite effective as it uses your location (GPS). It has your ad pop up when a user is close to your business, this works great when attracting new clients and it lets people mark your location for future use.

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