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We specialize in designing websites leveraging all the current technology to make your site rank high on Google & Bing.

Clean Fast Design

Website speed is the most important factor in your website design. We design fast and clean websites that get your products or services to your customers quickly and the right way.


Every website we design includes your SSL certificate. In order to rank on Google you need an SSL to show your customers that your website is secure and safe to use.

Responsive SEO Design

Each website we create is made for responsive (mobile) use from the ground up. We also do all the basic SEO tasks to make sure your page ranks as high and as fast as possible.

"The speed of the website has a great importance, a slow website could easily frustrate your potential customers forever. Often the slower websites have high bounce rates with poor sales."

Google now puts website speed as one of the highest factors in website page ranking for search. All of the sites we design and host are put on THE FASTEST SERVERS IN THE USA, not slow and cramped sites like big box hosting retailers.


$1000 for a 10 page website
$500 for a 5 page website
$300 for a 1 page website

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Basic Website Package

The Real Social Company offers a basic 5 page Wordpress website for only $500.  This website includes monthly hosting on the fastest web servers in the USA, specifically designed for Wordpress.  The package also includes FREE SSL for security, FREE CDN for ultra-fast response times worldwide, and FREE EMAIL, don't pay extra for unlimited email addresses for your company.  From the ground up we will work with you to design a RESPONSIVE mobile friendly site that has all the basic SEO techniques already applied.  Turn around time is about 7 days if you have all your content ready.  

Advanced Website Package

Do you have something extra you need?  Do you have many more pages or an advanced e-commerce site you need?  We are fully skilled in working on any-size site to meet your needs.  This advanced website package also includes all the basics you need to be successful. FREE SSL, FREE CDN, FREE EMAILS, and everything we design will be fully responsive (mobile friendly) and use all the basic SEO techniques to make sure your website is done right.  Make sure to reach out to us today and find out how we can build your website exactly to your standards.

All websites need a domain name - we can help you purchase one for you or point your current domain to the new website we create for you.  Domain names run around $15 a year.  

If you have a current Wordpress website, consider moving over to our HOSTING, we have the fastest servers in the USA. Most sites that move over see up to 40% increase in page rankings from our optimized fast servers.  Best of all YOUR SITE MOVE IS FREE and we do it all for you.

Please note that websites change and the current website might be different from our
work or involvement. Websites are copyright their perspective owners.

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